TT04 Telemetry

TT04 Telemetry

Telemetry TT04 is used for amplifying and radio transmission of signals from the strain gauges (thermocouples) mounted on the rotating machine parts to the stationary measuring unit or data acquisition system.

Power supply by battery or air transformer (optionally)

Smooth bridge balancing within ±2 mV/V

Compact in size

Weight: transmitter — 40 g, battery — 35 g

3-step sensitivity adjustment

Distance between the transmitter antenna and receiver - 0 ... 5 m

Number of TT04 in a single  test bench - up to 8 pcs.

Number of measuring channels


Permissible strain gauge full bridge resistance

100 … 1000  Ω (optionally thermocouple ХА)

Nominal input signal

±0.5 mV/V ±1 mV/V ±2 mV/V

Characteristic tolerance

±0.5 %

Bridge excitation voltage

3.5... 5.5 V

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