TT03 Telemetry

TT03 Telemetry

The TT03 is the 23-channel telemetry system for contactless transmission of signals from the strain gauges mounted on the rotating machine parts to the stationary measuring unit or data acquisition system by the end shaft applications.

Contactless transmission of data by means of the digital telemetry

Power supply by the air transformer

8 measuring channels with the bandwidth 120 Hz

15 high-speed measuring channels with the bandwidth up to 2 kHz

Transmitter rotation speed up to  20 000 rpm

Rotor mounting on the shaft end

Number of measuring channels


Signal sources

SG bridges (half-bridges)

Permissible strain gauge full bridge resistance


Nominal input signal range

+ 4 mV/V ... - 4 mV/V

Bridge excitation voltage

5 V

Nominal supply voltage

12 ... 30 V (DC)

TT03 Data Sheet download

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