Research Centers and Universities
Stop Valves Rating Test Bench

The customer modification of the M40 transducer is used to rate stop valves. The M40H-5k (nominal torque – 5 kNm) is included into the stop valves rating test bench. The key feature of this customized transducer is the through hole with 100mm diameter made along the spin axis of the bend spindle for its movement. The output interface of the M40H-5k allows to output the data on the PC screen and on the T40 display unit simultaneously. So you can fix and register the max torque and record the loading process for the further research.

Universal Test Bench for Friction Products

This test bench is used for life time and certification test of friction mechanisms and clutches of mechanical and hydromechanical transmissions, clutches of brake gears, clutches of safety couplings etc. M40-5k transducer and MK-5 coupling made by TILKOM are the part of the test bench. They control the load capacity and set the testing mode

Secondary Devices for the Pressure SG-Transducer

By connecting the AT50 amplifier to a pressure transducer you can use various decoders to receive the different output signals. Digital decoders T45 (USB 2.0), T37 (Ethernet), T42 (RS232) together with the “Transducer” software let you visualize data on the PC screen and also save, process and export them. The use of the T24 analogue decoder allows you to switch the pressure transducer to the controller or connect it to the existing ADC. The T46 (RS485) decoder lets you build the transducer in a network measurement environment.

4-axis Multicomponent Rotating Transducer

4- axis-multicomponent rotating transducer measures cutting force and torque (Fx, Fy forces, Fz axial force, Mz torque and rotation speed). There are some additional control parametrs like as bending mometns Mx and My. There are two versions of the transducer. The first one is Fx-Fy=10 kN, Fz=40 kN, Mz=100 Nm. The second is Fx-Fy=25 kN, Fz=50 kN, Mz=200 Nm. The max measured rotation speed is 5 000 rpm. This transducer allows to control and manage the cutting force during the drilling, milling and boring processes.

3-component Transducer for Cutting Machining Study

The process of cutting materials is accompanied by the action of many forces. They are to know to perform the calculations for strength, rigidity and vibration resistance of structural elements of machine and cutting tools, to determine the best cutting conditions. The resultant force F can be decomposed into three components: a tangential Fz, acting in the cutting plane in the direction of the main motion; axial Fx, acting along the axis of the workpiece in the direction opposite to the feed direction; radial Fy, acting perpendicular to the plane formed by the vectors of Fz and Fx forces, in the direction from the workpiece to the cutter. The Fz force is the largest in size. It determines the torque MN and loads the gearbox of the tool and the cutter. The Fy force determines the spinning of the cutter from the workpiece and the deflection of it. The Fx force loads the tool feed mechanism and the cutter. The balance of Fz, Fy and Fx forces is not constant, it depends on the geometry of the cutter, its blunting degree, cutting conditions and others. During the study of the process for the maximum and minimum cross sections of cut are determined: the specific cutting pressure, the proportion of the cutting force components, the maximum power consumed for cutting. The 3-component transducer M30-3-6k let you determine experimentally the resultant force components: Fx, Fy and Fz forces. This transducer also fixes the moments of forces: bending Mx, My and torque Mz to control the loading process. The software included in the scope of supply allows you to visualize and to save data in both digital and graphical form.

Torque Transducers for Operating in Vacuum under Low Temperature Conditions

The operating temperature range of a torque transducer is about - 40 … + 60 0С. However the task to measure torque by the temperature – 100 0С in vacuum may occur. TILKOM have designed the special torque transducer M41E for work in vacuum by – 100 0С. The M41E has a built-in heating element that automatically supports the fixed temperature. The operating temperature is controlled by the built-in temperature sensor.

Non-contact Power Supply of SG Bridge with the TB01 Air Transformer

Non-contact measuring devices require wireless power supply. It may be done with a battery or an air transformer (e.g. TB01). The TILKOM’s TB01 air transformer consists of a stator, a rotating coil and an adapter. The rotating coil is made according to the shaft dimensions.