T40 Display Unit

T40 Display Unit

The T40 display unit is used to indicate torque, force, rotation speed and power measurement value made with the M40, M20C, MA20 torque transducers and CT type force transducers.

 — autoidentification of type and ID of a transducer, limits of measurement, dimensions and physical units of measurement;

 — adjustment of zero point;

 — limit-relay function;

 — powered by a transducer;

 — backlit screen.

Two-row, backlit LCD screen, character dimensions in mm

5 x 9.5

Nominal temperature range

0 °C… +40 °C

Backlight consumption current (DC)

300 mA

Switching voltage (DC)

≥ 60 V


0.65 kg

T40 Data Sheet download

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