Flexible Torsionally Rigid Couplings MB

Flexible Torsionally Rigid Couplings MB

Flexible torsionally rigid couplings MB series for transducers with cylindrical shaft mounting provide compensation of axial and angular shaft misalignment, thermal movements and radial misalignment when connecting two shaft ends.

 — high axial and angular flexibility;

 — stainless steel disk pack;

 — maintenance-free; 

 — recommended: two couplings for one transducer from the both ends;

Nominal torque

± 20 Nm; ± 100 Nm; ± 200 Nm;± 1 kNm; ± 2 kNm;

Rotation speed range

16 000 … 20 000 rpm

Angular Misalignment

0,8 ° C - 1,0 ° C

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