Automotive and Agriculture Machinery Industry

Test Benches for Hydraulic Engines and Units

The M40 transducers are often used in these test benches for pumps of different types. They measure torque, power, efficiency etc. The test bench can be two-section.

Assembly Stand for Springs and Bridges of Trucks

If you tighten the nuts of the spring center clamp to the rear axle of the truck you need to control the tightening torque. The M20C-1k (1 000 Nm) transducer together with the T40 display unit is used to control the torque value. Also this system serves to the purpose of the automatic cutoff of the driver when the required torque is reached.

The One-Channel Telemetry TT01 for Testing Torsion Vibration of Truck Shafts

Torsional oscillation of а truck transmission is investigated on a test bench with the one-channel telemetry TT01.

Upgrade of Ueighing System of Mobile Feed Mill

TILKOM upgrades weighing systems for producing of mixed feed and equips mobile feed mill with weighing system. As the result a customer benefits from the system easy in use and maintenance. The weighing system consists of a weighing transducer, an amplifier and a display unit.

One-Channel Telemetry TT01-3522 for Measuring of SG Signals on Tractor Shafts

The one-channel telemetry TT01-3522 was utilized for measuring of torque with strain gauge technique in the tractor half axles directly within the housing. The power supply is provided by an air transformer.

Torque Transducer MA20-60k with the Display Unit T50

The non-rotating torque transducer MA20-60k controls a shaft torque. The nominal torque is 60 000 Nm. The transducer is completed with the T50 display unit. The cable length between the transducer and the display unit can be up to 200 m. The MA20-60k construction enables data to be output on the display unit and a computer screen simultaneously. The supplied in the scope software enables you to visualize, save and playback the measurement data.

Torque Transducer from a Shaft

The real operating loads of the transmission elements need to be considered during their constructional design. The M40-25k/90 mm is designed as a part of a shaft.

Its advantages are contactless power supply and wide frequency measuring range, air gap of 4 mm between the amplifier-transmitter and the receiver, direct PC connection for displaying torque, rotation speed and mechanical power.

Construction: Strain gauges are glued directly on the shaft body and connected to the amplifier-transmitter, fixed in a loop strap on the shaft. The receiver encircles it with the parallel clearance and the minimal axial displacement.

There can be analogue (± 10 V) and digital output signal. The software allows you to connect up to four transducers.

Control and Calibrating of Hydraulic (Electromechanical) Wrenches for up to 120 kNm

Hydraulic pipe wrenches are used to make-and-break tubing, casing and drill pipes. To control and calibrate the tightening torque you can use the MA20-120 (±120 kNm) or MA20-25k (± 25 kNm) transducers completed with adapters for mounting in the clamps of the hydraulic wrench. T45 (USB) digital decoder and software are also in the scope of supply. The software visualizes, monitor and saves the measuring data into the PC memory.

T50 Display Unit

The T50 display unit has digit height 101.2 mm and red filter, enabling you to observe digits from up to the 70 m distance. It can be used in workshops with great area. Digital displays T50 are used in mobile feed mills that work in unlit hangars and dark large areas to display the values of the weight / force transducers and sensors. Digital displays T50 are also used in manufacturing areas together with torque transducers.

M40-300k Transducer for the Drive Test Bench

When it comes to high capacity torque application use the M40-300k (± 300 kNm). The feature of M40-300k is the external inductive speed sensor. The speed sensor consists of a tooth ring on the rotor flange and the speed sensor itself. The rotor flanges can be customized.