AT1 Measuring Amplifier

AT1 Measuring Amplifier

Multichannel, digital, modular, strain gauge amplifier AT1 is used for amplifying, converting and translating SG signals into a PC. AT1 has modular structure. It consists of an amplifier-converter, аn USB-adapter and a display unit. Due to its modular architecture you can configure from 8 up to 64 measuring channels. The PROFI software included in the scope of supply enables you the real-time digital and graphical displaying of measurement signals, the recording and storing measurement data.

Number of measuring channels - up 8 to 64

Sample rate   - 5 kHz

Modular structure

Special software in the scope of supply

Number of channels

8… 64

Sample rate

5 kHz

Connectable transducers

S.G. full or half bridges

Strain gauge impedance

100 … 5000

USB adapter interface


AT1 Data Sheet download

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