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TILKOM has been developing the measuring devices working on SG and telemetry principles since 1988. For all these years we have been working to design, create prototypes and test various types of strain gauge equipment, from simple strain gauges amplifiers to multi-channel telemetry measuring systems and high-precision transducers. Most of our transducers utilize the “bonded strain gauge” technology. We develop and manufacture different types of torque transducers, force transducers, multi-channel telemetry amplifiers and also accessories (compensate couplings, software, display units etc.)

Our transducers are known for their high level of quality, reliability and service.

Our transducer design is resistant to the effects of shock, vibration and hostile environment. All of our products are fully tested before shipment.

Our customers are engaged in many different industry branches as automobile, aviation, research activities and also petroleum (oil) industry.

TILKOM develops and manufactures specialized customized measuring systems and equipment.

TILKOM is licensed by the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus (Gosstandart) to produce and sell the measuring equipment. The most of our products are certified by the Belarusian State Institute for Standardization and Certification and are included into the State Register of Measuring Instruments.

In December 2018 our products have been tested and were found in compliance witn Eurpean Parlament and of the Council of the European Union Electromagnetic Compability Directive 2014/30/EU.

The long term experience and striving for innovation and improvement of the manufactured equipment let us solve various problems and tasks in the field of the physical values measurement by means of the electrical methods.

our services

Development and manufacture of original telemetry measuring systems for thermocouples and  thermistors, systems operating on the strain gauge principles and data acquisition systems in accordance with the customer’s technical specifications

Development and manufacture of customized force, torque and multi-component transducers

Calibration of torque and multi-component transducers

Software maintenance according to the technical requirements of the customer

Consultation and engineering in strain gauge technology and measurements of physical quantities by electrical methods.

Post-warranty repair and maintenance