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The M40Ex torque transducers are now available in explosion proof version as per Certificate No TC RU C-BY.MH04.B.00176

The torque transducers and the load cells with the Ethernet interface are already available by TILKOM.

The torque transducer type M made by TILKOM are included into the State Register of the approved measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation. The Certificate number is 49762.

The State testing of the Measuring Telemetry Amplifier TT033 are carried out by the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus. The Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments number is 8038.

New Digital M40 Torque Transducers

The validity of the Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments number 7362 for the “Telemetry Amplifier TT01” is prolonged.

TILKOM Ltd designs and manufactures torque, force, multi-component and special purpose transducers, telemetry systems for single-channel and multi-channel measurements of physical parameters on rotating or moving machine parts, strain gauges, amplifiers and related instrumentation. TILKOM also develops customer-specified designs and provides a wide range of service and support activities.

TILKOM force transducers are suitable for measuring static and dynamic tensile and compressive forces. The built-in amplifier insures high-level nominal output signal: ±2V.

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