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TILKOM Ltd designs and manufactures torque, force, multi-component and special purpose transducers, telemetry systems for single-channel and multi-channel measurements of physical parameters on rotating or moving machine parts, strain gauges, amplifiers and related instrumentation.
TILKOM also develops customer-specified designs and provides a wide range of service and support activities.
All our transducers operate on the strain gauge principle. Transducer sensing elements incorporate bonded foil strain gauges. The strain gauges are electrically connected to form a balanced full bridge and additional compensation resistors are added to the circuit for maintaining the accuracy of the bridge over a wide temperature range. The transducers of the rotating type are equipped with the contactless transmission of data and power, stationery ones have built-in amplifiers.
TILKOM torque transducers measure static and dynamic torque with correct polarity on rotating and non-rotating machine parts. In addition there is speed measurement system integral within the transducers of the rotating type. Torque transducers are designed with or without bearings. Transducers without bearings permit high rotation speeds. To facilitate the installation of the transducers, and to avoid any possible errors of measurement associated with an axial misalignment, angular and radial offsets, thermal influences TILKOM offers flexible torsionally rigid couplings MK and ME series. To supply the operating voltage and indicate torque measured value, speed rotation and power there is T20 measuring unit.
TILKOM force transducers are suitable for measuring static and dynamic tensile and compressive forces. The built-in amplifier insures high-level nominal output signal: ±2V.
Multi-component load transducers measure several orthogonal forces, orthogonal bending moments and torque simultaneously. TILKOM offers two types of multi-component transducers: rotating and stationary. Rotating multi-component transducers are equipped with the multi-channel telemetry system for contactless transmission of the measured load data and a precise rotation angle measurement. Built-in electronics perform amplification of the measured signals and cross-talk compensation, thus minimizing measuring errors. Stationary models equipped with the built-in pre-amplifier only. Custom multy-component transducers with various load and/or moment ranges can be made to match customer specifications.
TILKOM also manufactures specialized load transducers to customer’s specifications.
TILKOM produced telemetry systems are suitable for rotating or moving machine components. They can be connected directly to sensors (e. g. strain gauges, thermocouples, piezoelectric transducers, inductive encoders etc.). Low-cost single-channel telemetry and several hundred channels digital telemetry systems are available. Power supply for rotating electronic components can be inductive or by battery.
Analog and digital measuring amplifiers from TILKOM are used for measurement with strain gauges and transducers operating on the strain gauge principle.
Relevant accessories and instrumentation are available for the strain gauge techniques and the electrical measurement of physical quantities.

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